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My career started early. High school summers spent as an engineering intern with the City of LA . College was University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Economics alongside the Technology Management Program. I soon became a Scrum Master, got my PMP Certification, and helped build mobile apps and system configurations. Everything seemed perfect. On the surface.Then it hit me. I couldn't work a 9-5 forever. I needed to build something for myself.

My Journey

Airbnb had just begun to get popular. I saw an opportunity and started a side hustle managing beautiful beachfront homes for local Los Angeles coastal owners throughout Malibu, Venice Beach, and Marina Del Rey. Through word of mouth and fantastic reviews - the side hustle quickly evolved into multi-state property management company. I learned to find value in overlooked markets and we entered Chicago, Austin and Nashville.This experience allowed me develop a strong identification system to remotely analyze properties that generate outsized returns. My corporate life taught the importance of systems and documentation - allowing me to leverage teams globally to manage our growing portfolio.Soon - our team of 15 people in 5 different countries was managing over 60 units in 8 different states as nightly short term rentals. Talk about decentralization.

The Pivot

Then legislation changed. Lockdowns were announced. I experienced one of the biggest failures of my life as the company I spent six years building collapsed.The following months were brutal as the threat of foreclosure became apparent.The landscape was rapidly evolving.We were given the opportunity to provide housing accommodations for traveling medical professionals. While not nearly as lucrative as traditional short term rentals - we were honored to provide high quality homes to these heroes. Hospitals were understaffed and travel nurses were in high demand. Since our properties were in the best locations - we were quickly booked.

The Present

Today - the company is still decentralized - with employees worldwide.We provide housing for hundreds of traveling medical professionals annually. While I don't actively manage vacation rentals - I believe that a high tide raises all ships - so I have compiled a helpful systems so you can select markets and manage your own Airbnb property.Completely free. All I ask is that you share your success stories and inspire others. You can download it below:

The Future

With my housing business being remotely managed - I am able to focus all my time on surfing the blockchain identifying rapidly emerging trends.My days are spent reading, writing, and researching. From digital land to hardware mining. Staking stablecoins to NFT's. I treat my investments in early stage projects analogously to my investments in real estate growth markets.Click the link below to connect with me and discuss your passion projects.

The Opportunity

I make big bets on great teams. I have invested millions into communities. Sometimes we scale. Sometimes we fail. I treat every experience as an opportunity to synthesize knowledge and learn better.I love writing about the lessons I've learned along the way. My wide breadth of experiences has made me a jack of all trades - master of none.The link below will take you to all my writing. Keep scrolling to find out about specific topics.

My Thoughts

The integration of political beliefs and popular culture is at an all time high. Polarizing viewpoints result in online communities becoming more relevant than their physical counterparts. Web 3 protocols allow for community ownership without central governance controlled by an individual.I'm passionate about collaborating with likeminded people to build the future. You can read more about my favorite projects and principles below.

My Passions

My passions and interests lie in three major buckets. Those which make me wealthy. Those which keep me fit. Finally, those which keep me creative.Travel is essential for me and I dedicate at least a month in every year to explore cover new ground on Planet Earth.Photography is a daily ritual. Capturing beauty throughout my environment helps me appreciate my surrounds and keeps me grateful.

My Vision

It is our responsibility to actively resist the attempts by society to rob our attention span with low quality information. Overloading our dopamine and serotonin systems with cheap media bloats our cognition and leaves us susceptible to being misinformed.There is a tangible trade-off between high performance and mental health. By incorporating healthy lifestyle decisions with daily rituals - I was able to reverse the trend and regain control of my mind.My own struggles exposed me to the challenges that legacy members of our society undergo. Rates of cognitive diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons are rapidly increasing.My research and investments in breakthrough mental health solutions lead me to psychedelic assisted therapy. I have been both a patient and a provider and seen firsthand the massive growth these medicines provide.

Required Reading

My love of reading grew from a childhood on the road. Hour long bus rides from internships to school were passed by devouring information.In hindsight - these commutes combined with the lack of smartphones forced me to cultivate my attention span. I learned to digest long-form content and unravel complex concepts.Click the link below to get my required reading list - from books to podcasts to articles - there's something inspirational here for everyone.


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